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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Long Tail Part 2 - Why Search Engines Love Blogs

This whole long tail thinking has really gotten me excited. If you have been studying search engine marketing and strategies, I'm sure you've come across the idea that search engines, especially Google love blogs. This was actually the reason this blog was started in the first place, as a way of capturing traffic. It was on blogs that things like Googlebombing first started. I think high ranking of blogs on search engines is caused by the long tail effect.

Each posting that goes up on a blog eventually moves off into the archives and is then found under it's permanent link. These postings can be pretty diverse and the home page of a blog might cover things from search engine positioning to what I had to eat last night. The permanent links though are where things get interesting. If I was suddenly to write a 5 paragraph piece on obscure obtuse geometry detailing out what obscure obtuse geometry means and how it relates to bridge building and fortune cookies, the resulting page would be extremely focused for the obscure obtuse geometry keywords. Maybe I'd even get lucky and have some other sites and blogs mention my page when they are looking for a way to explain obscure obtuse geometry.

Over time this focused page would eventually begin driving traffic to my site that is a completely different audience than the rest of the site. What I was doing is not blatantly trying to trick the search engines or other Black Hat SEO techniques, but is instead the natural development of content and linking that search engines love.

Will it work? Only time will tell but it'll be interesting to track search engine rankings for obscure obtuse geometry. To be continued.


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