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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Browser Wars Continue to Heat Up.

Posts for the next two weeks will be sporadic. I am currently finishing up a bunch of client sites as well as writing the first two chapters of my book in my spare time. And now on with the show.

Something that effects all websites to various degrees is the website browser. Until recently Microsoft has thoroughly crushed the competition with its bundled Internet Exporer. Mozilla's FireFox project though has been gaining steady use and when I analyze my log files, I find that 35% of visitors to my network of sites are using FireFox. Note: This browser distribution is heavily skewed from what I see in general sites, which can be attributed to the large number of website developers that read these blogs.

For the last 6-9 months there has been speculation that Google is creating their own overcrowded. It started when they purchased the domain gbrowser.com

Mozilla Developer Day 2004 was recently held at the Google Campus. Google is investing heavily in JavaScript-powered desktop-like web apps like Gmail and Blogger (the posting interface is now WYSIWYG). Google could use their JavaScript expertise (in the form of Gmail ubercoder Chris Wetherell) to build Mozilla applications. Built-in blogging tools. Built-in Gmail tools. Built-in search tools. A search pane that watches what you're browsing and suggests related pages and search queries or watches what you're blogging and suggests related pages, news items, or emails you've written. Google Toolbar++.

Additionally, this NY Post article notes that Google is hiring folks formerly of Microsoft's IE team as well as other people that would be good bets to work on a browser. The idea of a Google browser was future strengthened on the news that Google hired the top FireFox programmer, Ben Goodger. Ben's title at Google will be software engineer and half of his time will be donated to the non-profit Mozilla foundation, which owns Firefox.

As more users move towards fully standards compliant browsers the development and testing time related to supporting multiple work-a-rounds and fixes should be significantly reduced.


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