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Friday, August 12, 2005

Continual Improvement - The Key to Every Business's Success

One difference that I can see between my most successful clients over the years and the average clients is the most successful businesses continuously improve their website. These improvements can be big or small, but the imporant things is that improvements are being made. The reason why this makes the difference between average and phenomenal success can be attributed to a number of reasons.

1. Search Engine Relevancy. - Search engines are continously analyzing sites, and attempt to deliver the freshest/most relevant information to search engine visitors. Sites that do not update, refresh and improve their site slowly drop off their rankings as their competitors update their sites and over take them.

2. Modern design - a site designed 4 years ago is signifcantly different than a site designed this year. With evolving standards, increased processor speed and montor sizes, older sites look stale and dated compared to more modern sites. An example of an old site is a site designed for 640x480 monitors. Visitors coming to a site like that will instantly wonder why it doesn't fill their screen.

3. Conversion - Every businesses ultimate goal is to increase their conversion rate. I will cover methods of doing this in future articles, but consider this: A site that has a conversion rate of 1% that updates their site to get a new conversion rate of 1.5% has increased their sales by 50% by just selling to an extra 0.5% of visitors. Little improvements in conversion rates result in HUGE sales growth.


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