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Thursday, February 16, 2006

SEO Sleuth Brrreeeporting for Duty

As part of a blogging community experiment to learn the reach and scope of search engine's crawling, as well as getting lesser known blogs like this one read, I am participating in the brrreeeport experiment. So far brrreeeport searches are the number one search term on technorati, and people are even begining to buy the keyword brrreeeport. Crazy.

Boom Times Ahead

I have been absolutly swamped with ecommerce development work, which accounts for the lack of updates on this site. I'm psyched, some of the results have been amazing. Little tweaks here and there have ammounted to huge increases in sales. On little change to two graphics on a site resulted in an increase of 80 orders per day, every day since I made the change. Staggering! This is the kind of stuff I love seeing. I'm bringing new sites online at the rate of at least 1 per month, and have been working on some really high end design/implementation work. I'm under an NDA for the client so I can't provide links or details, but I really wish I could. Very exciting stuff.

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