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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Increasing Sales by Adding a Wishlist to Your Online Store

Wishlists allow your potential customers to create pages of their favorite products to order from in the future. There are several advantages of using this feature within your online store. Over the last five years, I have seen my customers successfully use wishlists to increase sales across a wide spectrum of industries and target markes.

Wishlists allow customers whose target audience is under 18 to identify the products they want and forward this information to their parents. During the holiday season an analysis of one customer showed 15% of orders coming from wishlists.

Another important thing that having a wishlist does is turn a visitor into a customer. There are a lot of reasons why a visitor might not complete a purchase today. By having a wishlist, you allow that customer to save their favorite items conveniently for a quick future purchase. One way you can then further harness these potential customers is after a month or two, emailing them their wishlist along with some incentive like order today and receive free shipping. One customer used this method to make $3000 in incrimental sales in only 10 days.

Finally, if you allow your customers to comment on the products that they add to their wishlists this content will then be picked up by the major search engines. Not only do the search engines directly crawl your website's wishlists, but all of your customers who have blogs are likely to link to their wishlist or your website directly. This increase in incoming links helps to increase your site's Google Pagerank and push your site further up in the search engines.

With all of these advantages, adding a wishlist feature to your online store will produce a demonstratable return on your investment and an incrimental increase to sales.


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